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Universe Expansion - Alluste - Dark Energy (CDr, Album)

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  1. Because dark energy is causing the expansion of the Universe to accelerate, rather than pulling it back in on itself, it seems likely that a Universe playing host to this stuff will continue to expand for eternity, ruling out the possibility of a Big Crunch.
  2. In physical cosmology and astronomy, dark energy is an unknown form of energy that affects the universe on the largest scales. The first observational evidence for its existence came from supernovae measurements, which showed that the universe does not expand at a constant rate; rather, the expansion of the universe is accelerating.
  3. Dark energy, repulsive force that is the dominant component ( percent) of the universe. The remaining portion of the universe consists of ordinary matter and dark matter. Dark energy, in contrast to both forms of matter, is relatively uniform in time and space and is gravitationally repulsive, not attractive, within the volume it occupies.
  4. The dark energy of the universe The dark energy of the universe Jim Cline, McGill University Astro night, 21 Jan., image: windfirenilisnilargas.xyzinfo windfirenilisnilargas.xyzinfo, McGill U. – p. 1. Dark Energy in a nutshell Link between universe expansion and redshift is planted in theorists minds.
  5. Sep 26,  · The Accelerating Universe and Dark Energy Might Be Illusions By Natalie Wolchover September 26, In , cosmologists discovered that the .
  6. The expansion of the Universe is not constant. Recent measurements have shown that the rate of the Universe's expansion is increasing. This is currently explained by dark matter and dark energy.
  7. There may be an exotic form of dark energy lurking in the universe, and it could explain a stubborn discrepancy in measurements of the universe's expansion rate. This so-called early dark energy.
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  9. Probing dark energy, the energy in empty space causing the expanding universe to accelerate, calls for accurately measuring how that expansion rate is increasing with time. Dark energy is thought to drive space apart. The diagram at right shows the changes in the rate of expansion since the universe's birth 15 billion years ago.

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