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April Fool

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  1. The term April fool, for a victim of a prank on April Fools’ Day, dates back to the s. Early records of the holiday from the s name it April Fool Day, with an apostrophized April Fools’ Day recorded by the s. This is also around when April fool came to refer to the trick itself.
  2. Apr 02,  · A coronavirus hoax could land K-pop star Kim Jae-joong with a large fine or a prison sentence for spreading false information. Kim said his April Fool’s joke about being infected and in Author: SCMP Reporter.
  3. Apr 01,  · (CNN) April Fools' Day ain't what it used to be. Companies will come up with gags. Everybody will have a good laugh, but nobody will be fooled. Oh, for the days when April Fools.
  4. Apr 01,  · Mojang really outdid themselves for April Fools’ Day this year. Their Minecraft April Fools’ prank is one for the history books. But it’s almost not even really a prank. It’s more like an April Fools’ treat. Mojang Releases Randomly Generated Dimensions. Minecraft players discovered a new snapshot for Minecraft on April Fools’ Day.
  5. Nov 24,  · April Fools’ tradition popularized On April 1, , English pranksters begin popularizing the annual tradition of April Fools’ Day by playing practical jokes on each other. Although the day, also.
  6. Mar 27,  · April Fool's Day is coming up, and if you don't have the perfect prank yet, we've got you covered! If you are a fan of good April fools pranks, take a look at our compilation below.
  7. There's approximately 25 minutes' worth of plot in The April Fools; much of the leftover time is eaten up by a protracted drunken-driving sequence involving suburban hubbies Lemmon, Jack Weston, Produce Company: National General Pictures.
  8. Mar 31,  · One likely predecessor to the origin of April Fools day is the Roman tradition of Hilaria, a spring festival held around March 25 in honor of the first day of the year longer than the night (we.
  9. エイプリルフール (April Fools' Day) とは、毎年4月1日には嘘をついても良いという風習のことである 。 イギリスではオークアップルデーに倣い、嘘をつける期限を正午までとする風習があるが 、それ以外の地域では一日中行われる 。. しかしここ数年、そのイギリスの風習に日本が強く影響され.

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